The MP3 files found on the Podcast page are audio only. They can be played using the following media players:

iTunes Click here to download iTunes.
RealPlayer Click here to download RealPlayer.
Windows Media Player Click here to download Windows Media Player.

Depending on the model and software, you should also be able to download the MP3 clips to standard MP3 players or your mobile phone.


The MP4 files found on the Podcast page are designed to work with QuickTime Player for viewing on your PC. Once loaded, the file will run the audio and transcript simultaneously so you can read along with the Podcast. The MP4 files may also be downloaded to portable media players for easy viewing away from your PC. For instructions and/or support downloading MP4 files to your portable media player, please consult the manufacturer.

Click here to download QuickTime.


The Podcast Activity Sheets are available in PDF form. You can print them directly or download them to your computer. To open the PDF files, we recommend using Adobe Reader.

Click here to download Adobe Reader.

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