Hi, my name is Jose. I'm Canadian and I come from British Columbia. I live in Japan now where I get to meet lots of interesting people—especially international students like you! My hobbies are computers, reading about world events and running. I also really enjoy meeting new people and traveling. You’ll hear a little bit more about me in each Podcast as I tell you stories, give you pop quizzes and interesting trivia. I hope you enjoy the Podcasts. Catch ya later!

Hello, my name is Todd Beuckens and I am from the United States. I was born in San Francisco and I grew up there most of my life. Now, I teach English in Asia to university students. As for me, I love to go jogging in my free time. Also, I love baseball—especially the San Francisco Giants. I hope you enjoy the Podcasts in the Sounds Good series and I hope it helps you to improve your English. Happy listening!
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